My name is Nalini Ashwin.

I am a Dreamer, a Maverick who is discovering, evolving and learning every moment. I am a former Engineering college professor and now a Facilitator/Tutor who enjoys teaching and facilitating, a Certified NLP practitioner, Positive Psychologist.

I like to expand my knowledge. I am always learning that interests me.

I have varied interests. One day I made a list of my interests. There were more than 30 🙂
I am doing MA Psychology (almost finished), a course on NLP masters, and enrolled in many courses. To name a few – Mindfulness, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Life coaching, REBT.

Other than learning, I like to do the following:
Reading, singing, i am learning Carnatic Music, Knitting, Photography, Travelling and the list goes on…

My blog:

Maverick’s Journey – Straight from My heart

As the name suggests, ” Maverick’s journey” is about my journey of life. In this blog, I am sharing:

  • About all that interests me
  • My learning
  • My views and thoughts

I have few more blogs.

Nalini & Ashwin’s Photography

Both me and my husband, Ashwin love taking photographs. I am sharing few of our photos in this blog.


In this I share self development posts.


In this blog, I am sharing me and my kids learning journey. Also my cooking posts.

Our learning journey blog.

Please check all the blogs. Share your feedback. If you like my posts, then like, share and follow my blogs.
Have a great time !!

( I have updated this on 18/07/2020 at 0:00 )


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