Recommendation – English Series

Currently I am watching this English Series on Amazon prime called “Manifest”.

It’s amazing, intriguing and mind-blowing 👌👌

I finished season 1(2018). It has 3 seasons. 16 episodes, each of 42-45 minutes. I am now in the middle of season 2.

Image from web.

A plane vanishes with it’s passengers. And everyone thinks all are dead. And it comes back after 5 and half years with all the passengers alive. For passengers, it’s just few hours flight. They are also same age, they have not aged even a day. So, they are same as they were 5 and half years ago.

What has happened back home while they were gone and where was this plane all these years? No one knows.

Image taken from web

Even after season 1 and half way through in the season 2, it is gripping.

It’s a must watch👍🏻👍🏻

© Nalini B. Ashwin

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