2 Simple tips for organising your home

Everyone of us want neat and organised home. It is a constant effort , to keep it that way.

If we follow these 2 simple tips, it would be easy to keep our home organised always.

1. Address: We all have address. Our home, where we live. In the same way, give address to each and every thing in your home.
Each of it should have a designated place. This should go in this almirah, this should be on kitchen platform, this shoe should go in the shoe rack. Like this, make a definite place for everything.

2. Keep it back: Once you take     anything for use, keep it back where it belongs. It can be your vanity bag, your clothes or coffee bottle, sugar, salt, anything.

If you follow these simple and basic tips everyday, I am sure your home will be neat and organized!

© Nalini B. Ashwin

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