Magical ❤️

I had to make this today!! Oats Porridge.
Boil water + oats + jeera + turmeric + little red chili powder + mango powder to taste + salt == ✨Magical ✨


Since 2 weeks I have been suffering from one after another, fever, sore throat, now cough. If one goes other comes. Add to that lots of tiredness. I was surviving only eating fruits.

Today, I strongly felt I should make oats Porridge. So though was difficult to stand, within minutes I made this.

I can’t explain how it felt!! This was like mounting an Everest for me. Nothing less.

This has brought a sparkle in these dark days and a ray of hope 🌟

P.S. No it’s *not* Corona. I am tired because I didn’t eat food for few days.🙂

© Nalini B. Aahwin


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