Where are you?

Transform Your Life

Where are you?

In victim zone or empowerment zone? 

A person is in victim zone or have victim mindset if he/she blames others or situation for things going wrong in their lives.

Blaming  the job, their parents, their education, the boss, the economy, the weather and so on.

Not taking responsibility for their own lives.Lack of commitment.Lack of the desire to change for the better.

They have a mindset that the world and the people around them especially those close to them are working against their interests and wellbeing.

For example -“You ruined my life”.

“They control me”.

“My hands are tied because of this situation”. 

“I am helpless.” 

They want to change others and circumstances. 

A person is in empowerment zone/ mindset if he/she takes responsibility for their lives, and their decisions.

They have maturity.

They are growing every day.

They are interested in empowering themselves each passing day.

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