From my diary

*From my diary*

I just felt like sharing this. It is just my emotions in this post.

Two days back, Sunday early morning I lost my father in law.
This is the 4th death in my family I am seeing closely.

First was my maternal uncle, then my father , then my son.

Last month I had to take professional help to resolve my grief and other effects due to deaths of my father and son. Since years, I had suppressed the sadness.
I went through coaching sessions and also hypnotherapy sessions.

Which helped me in dealing with my emotions.
I am still in the process. I am still dealing with these.

And now this unexpected thing happened.

It is difficult situation, difficult to cope up… really difficult are the deaths of loved ones and family members.

There is no short cut, you have to go through the lava of sadness, the turmoil, this path… you don’t have choice.

How much ever you think you must have become strong with all the coping of past grief, it doesn’t matter. Intensity will be there, like first time you are experiencing.

At least I have learnt to express. May be that will help me in coping.

Thanks for reading.
~ Nalini


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