Freedom of choice 💥

Twins Mom Journal 💕

Freedom of choice 💥

My Twins get to choose what to wear. (They are 31 months old)

Every day after bath, I put the clothes box before them.
Both choose what they want to wear that day.

Today they chose a pant , in fact it is now a half pant, originally it was a pant 6 months before 🙂

Second one chose full arm T shirt.

Earlier I wanted them to wear pants and full arm shirt, but they did not want to wear them 🤭😏

See the beauty of giving freedom to choose themselves 😀

Even my parents gave me full freedom of choice.
It is me who chose to do Engineering.
It is me who chose a suitable boy to get married.

And no regrets from both the sides😄

And many choices , decisions were mine.

With freedom comes “Responsibility”.

You are responsible for the choices you…

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