Monday Motivation

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday!

Yet another week has started. How to motivate ourselves for this entire week and every week?

If you do this one thing, I promise you will be self motivated.
That thing is having ‘Me’ time or Time for ‘Self’.

I know, I know, it is not as simple as it looks. If I say it is simple and possible to get Me time in your tight and hectic schedule. And every day? Will you believe?

Let me share how we can make that possible?

Everyone has hobbies right? Or something that you are passionate about , enjoy doing.

If we take time out and start allocating sometime to our hobbies, or something we enjoy doing, that will give you opportunity for self time.

I get my me time :-

1.When I am attending music class.
2.When I practice music.
3.When I am doing meditation.
4.When I am studying.

Earlier I used to always feel bad that I don’t get enough time for myself. Once I started meditating regularly, I feel I am getting enough time.

Also I wasn’t considering the music class and practice as time for self. Now, I have changed my perception and for me this is also my me time.

Some Benefits of ‘me’ time are:

🍁Clarity of thoughts

You will definitely get all these benefits especially if you are doing some kind of meditation or mindfulness activity.

Q) What do you do in ‘Me’ time and how can you make time for yourself? Share your thoughts.


©️ Nalini B. Ashwin

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