My plan for next 2 months.

Do you know? How to achieve your goals? One way is to share your goals with everyone.

That is why I am sharing my timetable with you all 🙂
Once we set goals it’s important to achieve them. One way to do that is by committing to them. If we announce our goals with people around us, friends and family, there are high chances that we will achieve as by telling everyone about our goals we will be committed to the goals.

As I had shared recently, my goal for the next 2 months is studying for upcoming exams.

Subjects- what subject and how many days.
Subjects- what subject and how many days.

I made time table. I followed that for 2 days and realized, that time table is not working for me. Today again I made a different time table.

Week Tme table – how my day looks like, how many hours I study.

It is important to be flexible when you are planning. It is okay if your plans don’t work. You can always re – plan and make changes which works for you.

It took over 1 and half hours for making this time table (week) . I also realized that unless I get up early, I cannot study as per my expectation. So now I have strong purpose to get up early.
You know, for doing anything you need strong purpose.

I will keep you posted if thus time table works for me or not and also my progress.

Here are links to the videos. You can watch them to get an idea of how to set SMART goals and how to achieve them. And also how can you plan your day.

Set SMART goals:

Tips To achieve your goals:

Two ways of planning your day.

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