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Thank you Ranjini for nominating for the Brainstorm Award.

What I like most about Ranjini’s blog is that there is honesty and sincerity in her posts which is a rarity in this world now a days.

You can read her blog by clicking the link below:

About my blog:

I started my blog like a journaling. Writing is like a thrapy for me.I wanted to put my thoughts, reflection and my experiences in one place. So I started this blog.

You can check my blog.

My Answers to the questions asked:

1.What do you think is humankind’s greatest invention?

Ans: I think greatest invention is internet. Because of that, now also in this pandemic situation we are connecting with each other. Also we are using the time wisely by learning online through webinars.

2.How do you make yourself sleep when you can’t seem to get to sleep?

Ans: I just go with the flow. I have seen its useless to resist.

3.While writing (your first draft of any piece) and reading, what do you prefer: digital medium (writing apps, E-books) OR conventional medium (Pen & Paper, Paperback books)?

Ans:  For writing blogs or anything I want to share online, I prefer digital medium. As it’s easy for me to just copy and share it.

I enjoy writing on paper.For reading, depends on tge situation.Though lately I am listening to audio books more.I equally enjoy both formats. When it comes to hardcopy of the book, I become nostalgic and I love books, the smell of newly printed book!!

4.What is your favorite genre of music to listen to?

Ans: I like melodious songs.

5.What movie or book or person do you know the most quotes from?

Ans: Swami Vivekananda.

My nominees are:

I think the questions by Ranjini were awesome !! My questions are same.

I enjoyed answering your questions Ranjini. Thank you 🙂🙂

Thanks for reading 🌸

© Nalini B. Ashwin

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