My Past life-1

(I attended ‘Deep memory healing and transformation’ workshop in the end of Dec 2017. During regression sessions, I got to know my previous births. There were 4 regression sessions. I could see 3 previous Births. I don’t know how many births I have taken and the chronological order. I will be sharing those in a series of posts. This is the one I got to know in the first session.)

In this birth, I am a Madhwa brahmin priest, male, around 25 years old. I have a wife and a son of 5-6 years old. I have shaved my head with only little hairs tied together at the back of my head.

The period of this birth is probably 17th or 18th century (during bhakti movement). Place is South India. The temple is built in a traditional style with black pillars. Temple is small yet beautiful.

I am sitting in a hall on the floor with my son. My wife is serving us meals. We are eating on a plantain leaf. Saatvik food- rice and sambaar. (Saatvik food mostly consists of raw fruits, vegetables and also cooked food without onion and garlic)

I am eating silently. Wife is homely, soft spoken and a very good person.

I am a totally silent person. Not talking to anyone. I do my work. Me and my work. That’s it.

My routine

In the early morning, I go to the garden, situated in the backyard of either temple or house. Daily morning, I go there, pluck flowers, plantain leaves and other things required for the worship of the deity. There are so many banana trees, The garden is full of greenery. It is a small garden.

After collecting, I come to temple and decorate the deity with flowers, garlands and do puja. The deity is Shri Krishna. The idol is black in colour like that in Udupi (it’s a place of worship in Karnataka famous for Shri Krishna).

I open the garbhagudi (inner sanctum) for darshan.

The devotees throng the temple. I do the Aarti and give Tirtha and Prasada to the devotees.

This is how my life is going on.

My end

One morning, as usual I go to the garden to collect the flowers, suddenly from somewhere a snake comes and bites my toes of right leg. It’s very painful, I fall on the ground crying ‘haaa’. Immediately I die. I die when I am still young in this birth.


You may be interested in this post. In this I have written in brief about my experience of past life regression sessions.

© Nalini B. Ashwin

All rights reserved.


    1. Thanks for reading. Yes it is possible Ravi. When I attended this workshop, i didn’t know what would happen during regression. I wasn’t expecting to see my previous births. I got the visuals. It was so real , for me also it was an amazing experience.

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