25 april 2018 (wed):

These days i have been busy in preparing assignments, as the last date for submission – apr 30 is nearing.

Today afternoon i was fully engrossed in preparing the assignment for the paper ‘life span psychology’ (It is in  MA Psychology).

In that, there is this question about linguistic developmemt during infancy , i am reading the answer i have prepared , and at that moment i felt as if my son Agastya is looking over my shoulder into the computer screen, it was so real.

His presence was so tangible, i am fully sure it is not my imagination.

He would have been 14 months  of age yesterday – april 24th, (was born on feb 24th)

I just wondered, looking at the coincidence!

I am here reading about how infants develop language , when i felt his presence – i was reading about infant of age from12 to 15 months.

I just can’t believe, how much of a coincidence is this!

I have felt his presence many times earlier also and he has been communicating with me since that day when he physically left, but that is, when i am doing reiki or meditating or when i am in the threshold of slipping into sleep – that state where you are getting sleep but you are also aware. But never ever have i felt when i am wide awake.

But this is entirely different experience!! I will cherish this moment forever.

I love you Agastya for being with me ❤showering so much love and inspiring me even in spirit !! I was always telling you that I am missing you. But from today I know you are always with me!! Thank you for that 😘❤

(What a wonderful day today is. On this day in 2008 me and Ashwin were engaged! And on this memorable day i had this beautiful experience 🙂)


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